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1 Life Is Good
2 So Glad You're Back
3 Sugarcane
4 Moment By Moment
5 All You Need Is Love
6 The Beatles Song
7 Morning Star
8 Wanna Die Easy
9 In Memory Of
10 Don’t Bother Me
11 Set Me Back
12 Strangers
13 Clover Clad
14 Sugarcane (Reggae)

Moment by Moment

Thank You….

Wow! What a rich and wonderful experience this journey this has been. Along the way there have been many overwhelming tears of joy shed in seeing my songs transform from the original acoustic guitar and vocal tracks to what they are today. So, without further ado, I want to thank all those who participated.

First and foremost I want to thank my very talented brother-in-law, Phil Disera of Toronto, Canada, for helping me produce and realize a life long dream of recording my first musical CD. Thank you so much for your dedication and countless hours of arranging, recording, performing, and editing this diamond in the rough to the brilliant sparkle it shines with now. Mike Stanutz of Mist Productions, what can I say; a true champion amongst recording and mixing engineers. Thank you for your tireless help and expertise. Thanks to Perry Disera for the EQ of drums and bass. Genuine thanks to Phil Demetro of Lacquer Channel, for the brilliant job of mastering. Thanks to all of the outstanding Toronto musicians: Greg Critchley, Mark Shannon, Neil Donell, Christine Glen, Ross Wooldridge, Dan Douglas, Stephen Crowe, Bill McBirnie, Mike Ford, Colleen Allen, Tim Bovaconti, and David Matheson. Thank you, Daniel Barnes for that incredible reggae arrangement and vocal contribution on the hidden track of Sugarcane. I want to thank my immediate and extended family: Janice Krieger Anthony, Alicia Anthony and Selina Disera for their love, support and vocal contributions and Gwen Krieger for her hospitality while staying in Toronto. Thank you, Debi Patton of Flygirl Photography for that lasting moment in time and Peng Wang for helping me put together an awesome graphics package. I want to thank the rest of my family and friends across the United States and Canada for their encouragement, support and advice. To all of you, I am truly grateful.

Dedicated to the loving memory of:
JH and Willie J Anthony
JH Krieger