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1 Life Is Good
2 So Glad You're Back
3 Sugarcane
4 Moment By Moment
5 All You Need Is Love
6 The Beatles Song
7 Morning Star
8 Wanna Die Easy
9 In Memory Of
10 Donít Bother Me
11 Set Me Back
12 Strangers
13 Clover Clad
14 Sugarcane (Reggae)

Moment by Moment


The Artistís Liner Notes:
This CD is an accumulation of years of song writing. Iíve gone back some 25 years to pull out an eclectic mix of my favorite songs that I hope you will enjoy listening to. The songs themselves are mostly modern popular music with influences from soft rock, jazz, gospel, blues and country; leaning towards Adult Contemporary. Iím very happy and pleased to present my debut CD, ďMoment By MomentĒ.