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Moment by Moment

So Glad Youíre Back (Bruce Anthony) 1996
(C) (P) 2005; BMI; ISRC

The changing of the seasons brings us change in our lives. As we reflect back upon the many different seasons of our lives, there will always be those special moments that we wish we could find again. Thatís the beauty in remembering.

Bruce Anthony: Lead Vocals; Acoustic Guitar
Phil Disera: Electric Piano; Electric Guitar; Percussion Programming
Greg Critchley: Drums; Shaker
Mark Shannon: Bass
Ross Wooldridge: Rhodes Solo
Stephen Crowe: Harmon Muted Trumpet Solo
Mike Stanutz: Guiro


I lay awake in bed at night
Thinking of you
Trying to remember
All the things, we used to do
And the years pass by
The skies turn grey
I hope to bring back
All those lost forgotten days
And time is passing by
And the memory wants to fade
I wish I could bring back
All those warm summer daysÖoh yeah
Then out of the blue
You reappeared
Filling my memories
Full of happiness and tears
Like a thief in the night
You disappeared
Turning my days into nights
And nights into years
And I'm so glad you're back
Iím so glad you're back
I'm so glad you're back